Explore With The Lewis – Sergimmo Salumeria

Brothers Sergio and Massimo opened Sergimmo Salumeria in 2010 as a nod to their Sicilian heritage, and with hope to bring a piece of Italy to New York. And they did just that. Their mother’s pasta recipes, fresh meat and cheese imports from Italy, a batch of olive oil that their father brings from Sicily every year, and brother’s strong connection to their Italian roots – all of it will make you feel like you have taken a trip there.

sergimmo salumeria

  • What should you order to get the ultimate Italian food experience?

Anything you order from Sergimmo is authentically Italian. But if I had to recommend something, I would definitely be suggesting ordering our pasta dishes that’s made following my mother’s recipes.

  • What is your favorite cheese and wine combination?

My favorite combo of cheese and wine would be a black peppered primosale with a medium body red wine from Tuscany. Simple and delicious!

  • What do you think locals and neighborhood guests would like the most about Sergimmo Salumeria?

I think what New Yorkers will appreciate most about Sergimmo is the atmosphere just when you walk in. We are a real Italian-Sicilian trattoria – you hear Italian music when you step in; restaurant décor was brought directly from Italy; you can see the Italian imported meats and cheese, and wine on displays all around you. All of it makes you feel like you have just taken a trip to Sicily.

  • What does make Sergimmo Salumeria stand out among countless NYC Italian restaurants and deli’s?

Being authentic is our signature. We don’t order frozen foods or American produce, we import directly from Italy. Everything you order is made according to the recipes that my mother taught us. Our mozzarella is made fresh daily right here in Manhattan. My father goes to Sicily every year to pick olives that he uses to make olive oil. After the batch is done, he brings it back to New York. It can’t get better than this, right?

  • You are famous for your authentic Italian fare. What is the inspiration behind the menu?

Our grandmother taught us everything we know about Italian cuisine. After she passed away my parents never lost the cultural connection, they always inspired us with their culinary skills in the kitchen. They made us believe that the ability and skills to make really good food starts from the heart, and the quality will follow.