Explore With The Lewis- Starbright

Starbright NYC was formed in the fall of 1994 with a dynamic combination of passion and dreams. Passion for the artistry in flowers, quality and customer service. Nicknamed “The official Florist of the City that Never Sleeps” florist Nic Faitos started Starbright alongside his wife all those years ago.

In the early years it was a husband/wife team struggling to find their footing and their place in the sun. Eva and Nic Faitos remained true to a philosophy that if you give something all you have, try your hardest and set a new standard in quality, then the reward of success is nearby. What began as a twinkle in the eyes has culminated in Starbright becoming the most coveted florist in Manhattan. Nic sat down with us to talk about the popularity, growth, and the role floral design has on his life.



Starbright has a long history. How did you manage to stay the best florist in NYC all these years? 

Well I am humbled by your question.  My personal belief is that we never strayed from our founding principles.  We want every client to have an amazing experience with us and we want to earn the trust and confidence of those we serve.  If you give your best it does not take long to build a great reputation.  We try our best to be consistent. 

Starbright has partnered with and decorated some of the most amazing companies and landmarks in the city – from hotels to broadcast stations. What was your favorite project? 

There are many.  Working inside The Oculus for the opening was an amazing project.  Museum events are always fun and exciting.  

Your window displays are fascinating. What is your inspiration behind the installations and floral design? 

Thank you! We try to stay with the times. The themes of the season, the holidays and whatever else is happening.  We try to make sure that our windows are fresh, relevant and inviting. 

What is your favorite part of the work day? 

In the early morning.  The boxes of flowers arrive daily from places like the South Pacific, the Netherlands and South America.  Every box of fresh flowers has a season and a story to tell.  The box of orchids that came from New Zealand and the tulips that popped in from Holland.  

Why do you think locals and guests of the neighborhood should check out the shop? And what do you think they would like the most about it?

Manhattan Sideways has featured Starbright as a gem on the side streets of Manhattan.  We are, they say, a true find.  Our store is not intimidating.  It is inviting and guests can walk right into our cooler, pick their flowers and then go with the designer of their choice and watch their vision come to life before their very eyes!