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Porchlight is not just any NYC drinking spot. On 28th and 11th Ave, this Hudson Yards bar is the epitome of southern hospitality. Nick Bennett, the head bartender at Porchlight, knows what it takes to make a good drink and a better experience.

The Lewis: What is your favorite signature cocktail to make?
Nick: That is a very tough question to answer. I am proud of every cocktail that has made it onto the menu at Porchlight. I would have to say that my favorite cocktail is the one that our guest likes the most.

The Lewis:
Why do you think locals and guests of the neighborhood should make Porchlight their hang out spot?
Nick: It’s the most fun they’ll have in a while. The drinks are damn good, too.

The Lewis: What is your favorite part of the work evening?
Nick: There is a groove that you get into behind the bar when the bar is full, everyone has a drink, the music is jamming, and the rest of the bar team is pumping out cocktails and high fives. I love those evenings.


The Lewis: The bar layout is pretty unique with floor to ceiling windows and many cozy nooks. What is your favorite thing about the space? 
Nick: My favorite thing is that there is a spot for everyone in Porchlight. The windows are great for someone that likes to watch the world pass by while they are having a drink. Then, there is the bar made from old and sturdy wood to help you feel secure when you need it. There is also a private room if you and your friends want to get away from it all. Like you said, we have a unique space, one that is perfect for so many different personalities.

The Lewis: Porchlight is famous for its southern hospitality. What is the most southern food and cocktail combination one should get?
Nick: A Po’ Boy, a Whiskey and Cola, and a high five from the bartender. 


Just a few blocks from our neighborhood of Hudson Yards is the well-known Chelsea area, which has been recognized worldwide for its art. You can find art on the side of buildings, taped on lampposts, and of course, in galleries. One of the most prominent art galleries in Chelsea is Agora Gallery. We were lucky enough to take a look inside with Anna Lustberg, Assistant Director of the gallery.


Anna: Agora Gallery was established in 1984 by the late Miki Stiles to provide opportunities for artists entering the New York art market. Ms. Stiles was a visionary who founded the Gallery on the premise that all artists benefit from having their artwork promoted by a professional gallery. The gallery was located in Soho through the early 2000’s before moving to the heart of the renowned Chelsea art district, where Agora Gallery now occupies the ground floor of 530 West 25th Street. The gallery is frequented by long-time followers, interior designers, collectors, tourists and art lovers looking to find and buy affordable, original artwork.







Anna: Like New York itself, Agora Gallery is quite international. We often present group exhibitions featuring artists who happen to be from around the world, so various styles and mediums can be seen in one visit to the gallery. People in the neighborhood who love original art can visit during our open hours. They can also visit during a Thursday evening reception, which is the usual “opening night” for Chelsea galleries. Our receptions are an opportunity to meet the artists with works on view and enjoy a complimentary glass of wine. Of course, visitors should stop in if they are looking for original art to add to their collections, as the prices are accessible. 


Anna: We are very selective in choosing the artists we represent, so they’re each a favorite in their own right. We represent so many talented artists, all so different, each with a different story to tell and style to present. Come see for yourself!


Anna: Vaydra Wright’s exhibition “Descending into Escapism: Series 1” is on view in our skylight room through June 12th. Her kaleidoscopic digital artworks associated with Surrealism were created as coping strategies for her periods of dissociation, a psychological condition in which one detaches from reality in response to traumatic events and triggering stimuli. Vaydra’s “descent into escapism” is deeply fascinating, whether one knows the source of her inspiration or not.


Anna: Agora Gallery hosts the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition and will present its 33rd annual exhibition for the selected artists this August. We’re also looking ahead to Miami’s Art Basel Week and will be putting together our booth to present at Spectrum Miami 2018.  And finally, visitors can look forward to our summer Thursdays, when we’ll extend our hours till 8pm once a week from June through August.





Explore with The Lewis – Gallow Green

High above the bustling, picturesque Chelsea streets sits a lush rooftop bar, Gallow Green. This half mystical garden, half trendy lounge attracts crowds during every season thanks to a seasonal décor and evolving cocktail menu. Head Bartender, Clayton Mannix, tells us some of his favorite aspects of working at one of New York’s most popular bars.


The McKittrick Hotel is fascinating on its own with the theater performance and an overall ambience. In what way do you think Gallow Green is an extension of it?

Gallow Green complements the mystery and intrigue of Sleep No More. In the summer months guests discover a secret garden oasis, and a cozy mountainside lodge in the winter. When it’s cold out, there’s a toasty fire pit, sleeping bunks and all kinds of nooks to explore. As spring approaches, the lodge is taken down and the entire space comes to life with a mysterious abandoned train car, lush greenery and blossoms in bloom. Like the show, the level of detail makes you feel like you’ve stepped out of the city and into another place and time.


How do you come up with recipes for your signature cocktails and what inspires you?

I am inspired by what I see in the world all the time. If I notice a flavor, color or spice that piques my interest, I’ll put a pin in it and start experimenting with recipes that showcase it. Sometimes I have a flavor combination in mind or a friend requests something that gets my creative juices flowing. We always have a signature Sleep No More cocktail that is inspired by the show and changes with the seasons.


What is your favorite cocktail to make?

I like making shots and beers, the staple of many of a barman. In terms of cocktails, I like drinks made with pineapple. It adds a layer of foam that is similar to egg white texture.


And what would you get from the dinner menu to go with it?

I’d go for a classic pepperoni pizza from our woodburning oven, with a spicy little kick of hot sauce to contrast sweet citrus flavor of the pineapple. And maybe spread some chicken liver mousse on top if I’m feeling extra gluttonous!


What do you think locals and neighborhood guests would like the most about Gallow Green?

It’s a true escape to an oasis in Chelsea. Once the garden blooms in spring and it’s hot & sunny, having a cocktail with friends at sunset is pretty hard to beat.


What is your favorite part of the work evening/day?

I enjoy engaging with the guests. No matter the time, when you’re behind the bar you get to interact with people who are completely out of your realm. You might share a smile, a laugh, or commiseration. That’s what I enjoy most.


Which classic cocktail do you think would complement the vibe of the bar the most and why?

I’d have to say a spritz. They are light, bright and everyone likes them, just like Gallow Green. 


Explore With The Lewis- Starbright

Starbright NYC was formed in the fall of 1994 with a dynamic combination of passion and dreams. Passion for the artistry in flowers, quality and customer service. Nicknamed “The official Florist of the City that Never Sleeps” florist Nic Faitos started Starbright alongside his wife all those years ago.

In the early years it was a husband/wife team struggling to find their footing and their place in the sun. Eva and Nic Faitos remained true to a philosophy that if you give something all you have, try your hardest and set a new standard in quality, then the reward of success is nearby. What began as a twinkle in the eyes has culminated in Starbright becoming the most coveted florist in Manhattan. Nic sat down with us to talk about the popularity, growth, and the role floral design has on his life.



Starbright has a long history. How did you manage to stay the best florist in NYC all these years? 

Well I am humbled by your question.  My personal belief is that we never strayed from our founding principles.  We want every client to have an amazing experience with us and we want to earn the trust and confidence of those we serve.  If you give your best it does not take long to build a great reputation.  We try our best to be consistent. 

Starbright has partnered with and decorated some of the most amazing companies and landmarks in the city – from hotels to broadcast stations. What was your favorite project? 

There are many.  Working inside The Oculus for the opening was an amazing project.  Museum events are always fun and exciting.  

Your window displays are fascinating. What is your inspiration behind the installations and floral design? 

Thank you! We try to stay with the times. The themes of the season, the holidays and whatever else is happening.  We try to make sure that our windows are fresh, relevant and inviting. 

What is your favorite part of the work day? 

In the early morning.  The boxes of flowers arrive daily from places like the South Pacific, the Netherlands and South America.  Every box of fresh flowers has a season and a story to tell.  The box of orchids that came from New Zealand and the tulips that popped in from Holland.  

Why do you think locals and guests of the neighborhood should check out the shop? And what do you think they would like the most about it?

Manhattan Sideways has featured Starbright as a gem on the side streets of Manhattan.  We are, they say, a true find.  Our store is not intimidating.  It is inviting and guests can walk right into our cooler, pick their flowers and then go with the designer of their choice and watch their vision come to life before their very eyes! 

Explore With The Lewis- TGA

TGA NYC isn’t your typical sports bar. By combining quality ingredients, a sophisticated yet upbeat atmosphere, and a new take on iconic American Dishes TGA personifies the future of watching the big game at a bar. Kris Bakey prides himself on curating exceptional service for all of his guests. From the wagyu burgers to the assortment of craft beers will become your newest stable for any big game night. We got to sit down with Kris to talk about what sets TGA apart and his inspiration for an upscale sports bar. 

TGA is new on the block. What do you think will make it stand out among other restaurants around?

Before guests even walk in they will be blown away by the 80-foot glass facade in the front of the building and as you walk in there are 80 ft. ceiling and 50 ft. chandeliers. There are 3 large garage doors that will open up once it warms up outside and will be lined with trees and plants as a barrier to get in. The biggest and most exciting experience will be to walk past the dining room down the hallway into our hidden backyard beer garden with a retractable roof, heated and cooled all year round when the roof is not open, graffiti art walls, communal style tables and another 15-seat bar. I hidden midtown backyard speakeasy beer garden if you will. We serve classic cocktails with a twist handmade or on tap, local craft NY state beers and have a wide variety of wines as well.


What was the inspiration behind the concept of the restaurant? It is a sports bar, but it still feels very sophisticated and elevated.

It is to create a visual experience in all areas of the restaurant, bar and backyard. It can be a little bit of everything and almost cater to anyone. It’s a spot where you can come in with co-workers for a fun, upbeat happy hour or sit down and have an intimate meal with a loved one. You can also come in for the big games as we have 15 big screen TV’s or come late night and sit in one of the semi private couches at the bar and enjoy a beautiful bottle of wine. And as of this week we are opening up our backyard beer garden with a retractable roof all year round, enough said!



What is your favorite cocktail/beer from the bar?

My favorite cocktail is the award winning Old Fashion made with bourbon or rye whiskey of choice. A perfect blend of French brown sugar, bitters, one large ice cube and an orange twist. It’s perfectly balanced and we also have it on draft as well! Our beers are made up of NY craft breweries and we also have an extensive, sophisticated wine list as well.


And what would you get from the dinner menu to go with it?

For dinner, we have a wide variety of cuisine ranging from delicious chicken meatballs with a truffle fondue, salmon crudo, pizza style flatbreads and also nice cuts of steaks and salmon.


What do you think locals and guests of the neighborhood would like the most about TGA?

Before guests even walk in they will be blown away by the 80 foot glass facade in the front of the building and as you walk in there are 80 ft. ceiling and 50 ft. chandeliers. There are 3 large garage doors that will open up once it warms up outside and will be lined with trees and plants as a barrier to get in. The biggest and most exciting experience will be to walk past the dining room down the hallway into our hidden backyard beer garden with a retractable roof, heated and cooled all year round when the roof is not open, graffiti art walls, communal style tables and another 15-seat bar. I hidden midtown backyard speakeasy beer garden if you will.

Explore With The Lewis- Manhattan Wine Co.

What’s better then spending each day surrounded by some of New York’s finest wines? Spending each day surrounded by fine wines and your loved ones. At Manhattan Wine Co. owners Matt Tornabene and Kerrie O’Brien prioritize the customers above all else. The husband-wife combo strives to bring their passion and knowledge of to all of Chelsea, one bottle at a time. Matt and Kerrie took some time out of their day to talk to us about the origins on Manhattan Wine Company, their appreciation for wine, and what it’s like to run a company with your significant other.

When and why did you decide to open up a wine store in Chelsea?

Manhattan Wine Company started as a full-service wine storage facility in nearby New Jersey in 2006. We have been actively managing our clients’ inventory, and in many instances, helping them build their collection and expand their wine knowledge since the very beginning. We’ve been deeply involved in the fine and rare wine business for over a decade and have travelled to the world’s most important wine regions. We opened our wine and spirits shop in West Chelsea in the summer of 2015 in the historic Terminal Stores building, which spans the entire city block between West 28th and 27th and 11th Avenue and the Westside highway. While we’re rooted in the classics, we’re also excited by wines from unexpected places and are constantly tasting and exploring. Opening the shop has helped us share our favorite wines with consumers, not just collectors. There’s no excuse for drinking bad wine in this remarkable wine city we live in with some of the nation’s greatest and most historic importers headquartered right here in NYC. We feel our dynamic neighborhood is the perfect headquarters for us to share our passion for wine with the city and beyond.

How do you decide what kind of wine to bring to the store?

Wine is and should be about pleasure, so first and foremost, the wines we purchase must be delicious. A quick measure of a great bottle is how fast it disappears once you pull the cork. We have tasted nearly every single bottle we sell in the shop, and in many instances, we’ve walked the vineyards with the winemakers and worked with their importers for many years now. We’re not interested in stocking wines to simply cover categories or check boxes. We find tremendous value in France and Italy and are particularly focused on these two countries, but also feature wines from the US, Germany, Austria, Spain, Hungary, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Slovenia and beyond. We gravitate towards wines that are made without a lot of manipulation and show a clear signature of their place of origin– what the French call “terroir”. We want this sense of place to be the focus, not a forced recipe in the cellar. And above all, we’re looking for bottles of wine & spirits that provide intrigue and value at every price level.

What is your forever favorite bottle of wine?

It’s impossible to say this. Depends on how I feel– what I’m eating, who I’m with, where I am in the world. Some of my favorite producers are Domaine Simon Bize, Denis Bachelet, Philippe Jouan, Bruno Clavelier, Olivier Lamy, Jean-Marc Roulot, R&V Dauvis sat, G.B. Burlotto, Bartolo Mascarello, Beppe Rinaldi, Domaine de Belleviere, Domaine du Collier, Champagne Marguet, Suenen, Pierre Peters, Foillard, Lapierre, Guy Breton, Stephane Tissot, Cave Caloz, Luigi Ferrando, Antoine Arena, Lopez de Heredia, Vieux Chateau Certan, and on and on. There’s a remarkable wine for every occasion so I can’t really say what my one favorite is! Sorry!

Instead of relying on points and scores from the critics, get out and taste for yourself! Find hardworking, honest retailers and sommeliers and utilize their wealth of knowledge and passion for the subject. A good wine salesperson will try to understand your taste preferences, style and budget and make recommendations accordingly. Open yourself up to grapes or regions you may never have heard of. If you want to go deeper, start reading books & websites and listening to podcasts – an informed buyer is the best buyer. Let the adventure begin!

On your web site, it said that you only bring the best of wines from all over the world. What is your most extravagant bottle of wine?

There’s likely a bottle from Domaine de la Romanée-Conti in stock– it doesn’t get much better than that! Burgundy is without a doubt our biggest obsession, and even though DRC is out of reach for most of us, few can doubt its pedigree and the immense pleasure it can offer.

Your wife and your brother work alongside you. Was it important to make it a family business, or did it happen by chance?

I met my wife Kerrie in the wine trade in 2012. At the time, she was a beverage director at the recently closed DBGB for Daniel Boulod’s Dinex restaurant group. Kerrie has been a buyer in the city for over a decade and has travelled all over the wine world. She is a certified Sommelier by the Court of Master Sommeliers, and shares this insane passion for wine with me. She helped me organize a Burgundy dinner at DBGB during La Paulee week in2013, and we quickly fell in love. Soon after, she hung up her somm shoes, shipped out to Europe to work a few harvests (Etna and Jura) and we got engaged in Modena, Italy at Osteria Francescana. Upon return from our life-changing trip, Kerrie began working for Manhattan Wine Company. She’s the mother of our two children, a buyer for the shop, and does all she can to keep me in line and keep our customers happy! She’s amazing, and it’s a dream to be able to work with her every day.

My older brother, Billy, started working for Manhattan Wine Company in 2009 a few years after we started the storage business. Billy came from a decade plus of working in finance, and received his MBA from Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management. We’ve always been best friends and he also does everything he can to keep me in line and focused. Billy was instrumental in helping us raise capital to start the business in ’06, and since 2009, he’s served as our CFO and business partner. Billy is the ying to my yang and certainly wired a bit differently than I am. He brings tremendous pride and professionalism to our company and is an integral part of everything we do. He works out of an office we have in Richmond, VA near where we grew up and where he lives with his wife and three children. There’s nothing better than working with my brother and wife to chase our dreams. We’re building a business that we hope to pass down to our children and the next generation.

Explore With The Lewis – Sergimmo Salumeria

Brothers Sergio and Massimo opened Sergimmo Salumeria in 2010 as a nod to their Sicilian heritage, and with hope to bring a piece of Italy to New York. And they did just that. Their mother’s pasta recipes, fresh meat and cheese imports from Italy, a batch of olive oil that their father brings from Sicily every year, and brother’s strong connection to their Italian roots – all of it will make you feel like you have taken a trip there.

sergimmo salumeria

  • What should you order to get the ultimate Italian food experience?

Anything you order from Sergimmo is authentically Italian. But if I had to recommend something, I would definitely be suggesting ordering our pasta dishes that’s made following my mother’s recipes.

  • What is your favorite cheese and wine combination?

My favorite combo of cheese and wine would be a black peppered primosale with a medium body red wine from Tuscany. Simple and delicious!

  • What do you think locals and neighborhood guests would like the most about Sergimmo Salumeria?

I think what New Yorkers will appreciate most about Sergimmo is the atmosphere just when you walk in. We are a real Italian-Sicilian trattoria – you hear Italian music when you step in; restaurant décor was brought directly from Italy; you can see the Italian imported meats and cheese, and wine on displays all around you. All of it makes you feel like you have just taken a trip to Sicily.

  • What does make Sergimmo Salumeria stand out among countless NYC Italian restaurants and deli’s?

Being authentic is our signature. We don’t order frozen foods or American produce, we import directly from Italy. Everything you order is made according to the recipes that my mother taught us. Our mozzarella is made fresh daily right here in Manhattan. My father goes to Sicily every year to pick olives that he uses to make olive oil. After the batch is done, he brings it back to New York. It can’t get better than this, right?

  • You are famous for your authentic Italian fare. What is the inspiration behind the menu?

Our grandmother taught us everything we know about Italian cuisine. After she passed away my parents never lost the cultural connection, they always inspired us with their culinary skills in the kitchen. They made us believe that the ability and skills to make really good food starts from the heart, and the quality will follow.

Explore With The Lewis – DUTCH FRED’S

We thought we were meeting with Frank Oley at Dutch Fred’s to try a few of their famous cocktails and chat about the inspiration behind the name of the bar. But instead we got a full-on cocktail craft show with smoke and fire, and a new drink created on the spot. Our showman-mixologist Frankie showed us what “wowing” guests at the bar really means, and why Dutch Fred’s is just the place to do it at.


  • We heard that Dutch Fred’s has a fascinating story behind its name. Where does it come from?

Legend says, that Hell’s Kitchen got its name during Prohibition, when veteran officer “Dutch Fred” witnessed a neighborhood riot with his rookie partner on West 39th St. and 10th Ave.  The Rookie supposedly said, “This place is Hell” and Dutch Fred replied, “Hell is a mild climate. This is Hell’s Kitchen”. The name stuck and Hell’s Kitchen was born. The bar is named after that well-spoken officer.

  • What does make Dutch Fred’s stand out among countless Hell’s Kitchen bars and make it special?

We are a very experienced and passionate team here at Dutch Fred’s, and we offer a different experience than most Hell’s Kitchen bars. Our cocktail program is extraordinary. And you cannot go wrong with a single item on the food menu.  

  • You are famous for your signature cocktails. How do you come up with the recipes and what inspires you?

Our bar team has been in a craft cocktail world for a long time now and can design a cocktail within our head and no recipe. Each and every cocktail on or off the menu has a different inspiration and meaning behind it. But I have to say that a craft cocktail has four very important components to it – presentation, aromatics, taste profile and balance. And our cocktail program shines through them all. Any cocktail we make is a work of art – whether it is a Double Smoked Old-Fashioned where we use a smoking gun, or The Working Class Hero where we trap smoke in a pre-batched cocktail and then hand it to a guest to let them pour it in their own glass, or even the Kinky Boots with its natural raspberry color garnished with an orchid and fresh raspberry on top. When people see something being made different and unique way, smell the cocktail while it is being prepared, it makes the experience so much better. “Wowing” the guests with our craft is extremely important here at Dutch Fred’s.

  • What is your favorite cocktail to make?

On our menu, it is The Working Class Hero. It is made with Teeling Irish Whiskey, Carpano Antica, Caramel Porter Reduction with Smoke. It is fun to watch the crowd get amazed over putting smoke in a bottle. Making this cocktail is a show on its own.

  • What would you get from the dinner menu to go with it?

I would recommend getting the Sesame Seared Ahi Tuna to go with The World Class Hero – it is like a party in your mouth. For those who prefer a vegetarian option, the Eggplant Chips would be amazing. I think honey glaze and caramel smoke is one of the best culinary inventions.

  • What do you think locals and neighborhood guests would like the most about Dutch Fred’s?

I think everybody would really appreciate our staff. We all have great personalities and are very passionate about what we do. The decor of Dutch Fred’s is unbelievably gorgeous. We also have a live band playing every Saturday and Sunday during brunch. 

  • What is your favorite part of the work evening at Dutch Fred’s?

There isn’t a better feeling than giving guests a great “cocktail show” to remember a bar in NYC and particularly in Hell’s Kitchen. Our team here loves the craft!

  • Which classic cocktail do you think would complement the vibe of the neighborhood the most and why?

I want to go with an Old-Fashioned. Hell’s Kitchen is an Old-Fashioned Neighborhood (as in an Old Neighborhood), and we are going through an Old-Fashioned boom right now. At Dutch Fred’s, we are also well known for our special Old-Fashioned. And off the menu, when I am behind the bar I make and amazing Smoked Old-Fashioned. It is a must-try!

Explore With The Lewis – BLUESTONE LANE

Before Starbucks popularized flat white and before everybody was ordering Avocado Toast for brunch, there was Bluestone Lane that brought it all in and made it part of the coffee and food culture in the US. Nick Stone – founder and CEO –  did it without catchy announcements and restaurant window displays. Melbourne native, he made Avo Smash and good coffee traditions part of the daily life for everyone in New York City.

Bluestone lane

–  Where does the name Bluestone Lane come from?

The name, ‘Bluestone Lane’ was inspired by the maze of culturally infused cobblestone laneways in Melbourne that are renowned for their dynamism, art, nightlife and great coffee. Our philosophy was to bring a piece of this energy to the United States, selling not only the specialty coffee for which Melbourne is known, but selling the Aussie way of life.

–  Manhattan West location was just awarded A Gold Award by Driven x Design in the Interior Design category. How do you think this location is different from the other cafes around NYC and what makes it so special?

This cafe is special for us because the design is so disparate from all other Bluestone Lane locations. Being part of the Hudson Yards development, we wanted to create a space that’s approachable, but also feels sleek and luxurious, creating juxtaposition with the industrial surrounds. The award winning interior design features dark timber stain tones, brass accents, colour pop cushions, handmade pendant lighting, and Aussie moon stamps and artwork. What makes this location so unique is its hybrid nature that offers a respite from busy New York through the day and also into the early evening. 

– What should you order to get the ultimate Melbourne food experience?

The ultimate Melbourne food experience starts where we started – with ‘Avocado Smash’ on toast. Our famous #AvoSmash has been on the menu since we first opened doors in 2013. This signature dish of ours launched the avocado on toast phenomenon that now grips NYC! Other favorites are the Brekkie Bowl and Baked Eggs. Our new menu that launched in January also introduced another Aussie brunch staple that is a must try. It’s our ‘BL Big Brekkie’ with smoked bacon, poached eggs, roasted tomato, grilled chorizo, sautéed kale, mushrooms and toast.

– Is it true that you were the pioneers of introducing flat white to New Yorkers?

Absolutely!! However, I think that it was around in various circles already.

– What is your favorite coffee drink?

My favorite coffee drink is one that always triggers queries from locals in our cafes and coffee shops. The ‘Magic’ is a drink we brought across from the land down under – and part of my personal morning ritual. It is made with two short espresso shots in a 4.5oz cup, with steamed milk and velvety microfoam. Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for something with a little less milk than our equally as delicious ‘Flat White.’ 

– What kind of coffee drink would you recommend getting at Bluestone Lane Manhattan West location?

We are definitely known for our espresso drinks. Our Maverick blend is rich and chocolatey, and our Single Origin blend has notes of vanilla and stone fruit. However, we have a lot of non-coffee drinking locals and for them I would definitely recommend one of the drinks from our ‘Wellness Latte’ range. Our Beet, Golden and Matcha Lattes have great health benefits, are made with steamed almond milk and are widely popular. Have our great baristas at Manhattan West make you one of these!

Why Shopping For Groceries Is Easy If You Live in Luxury Hudson Yards Apartments

Most people who live in The Lewis’s Luxury Hudson Yards Apartments have demanding schedueles which makes the day to day tasks a very big hassle for them. More residents want a place where they have easy access to shops, bars, cafes, and eateries. It is, however, very difficult to find a place which fulfills all of these requirements.  

Nevertheless, for those living in the Lewis’s Luxury Hudson Yards Apartments, shopping is never going to be a hassle. Apart from a living in a gorgeous building, the neighborhood in which the apartments were built is one of the best. There are numerous different eateries and dining out options apart from a happening nightlife as well.

The developers of Luxury Hudson Yards Apartments are making the future of retail, and are drawing a huge crowd.

The retail experience of the amazing Luxury Hudson Yards Apartments is going to launch the very first Neiman Marcus of the bustling New York City. It is going to be joined by numerous other well-known brands such as AG Jeans by Adriano Goldschmied, Aritzia, Athleta, Banana Republic, The Body Shop, Cartier, Coach, Forty Five Ten, H&M, Jo Malone, Kiehl’s, Lululemon, MAC, NYX, Origins, Patek Philippe, Piaget, Rolex, Sephora, Stuart Weitzman, Tory Burch, Urban Decay, Van Cleef & Arpels, Watches of Switzerland and Zara.

Luxury Hudson Yards Apartments

And this is just the beginning. The plan is to open approximately hundred luxury as well as restaurants.  For those who want places near their house to shop, you are going to find numerous options to choose from. Following are some of the options you could go for:

  1. Sea Breeze Fish Market

For those who love seafood and are always on a lookout for fresh items to purchase, Sea Breeze Fish Market is the place to go! This market is the selling hub for amazing seafood. The third generation of fishmongers will also deliver fresh seafood to your apartment if you ask them to!

  1. International Grocery

With numerous different delicacies, for example, Indonesian octopus as well as Greek halvah, the stunning International Grocery is a food hall which sells various essentials along with oddities equally. Looking for crisps? Or a rare, unusual peppercorn? Whatever your palate may want, the International Grocery is for sure going to please the inquisitive tastes.  

  1. Esposito Meat Market

This one is the mainstay of the famous Hell’s Kitchen since the year 1932. Esposito Meat Market is known to be one of New York’s most famous butchers as well as a one-stop shop for completely cured meats along with rare cheeses. So if you are unable to find the kind of cheese you need in normal markets, be sure to visit the Esposito Meat Market. Rest assured that you definitely going to find the item in this market.

  1. Brooklyn Fare

Brooklyn Fare has to offer to the customers numerous different perks as well as the convenience of the old school Brooklyn Grocer. The amazing marketplace of Brooklyn Fare provides to visitors everything from the household use items along with gourmet groceries. This market furthermore also offers the world-renowned Chef’s table which is a three Michelin star restaurant. César Ramirez who is the head chef provides to diners a communal experience they are going to remember forever.   

If you need more information about Luxury Hudson Yards Apartments feels free to contact us at any time. We will offer you in-depth information and also a tour of the apartments.